Project Administrator.

Location Wigan

Contract Permanent

Ref 87

We are currently recruiting for a Project Administrator for our client based in Orrell.
Your responsibilities
  • Responsible for maintaining budget for specific budget items
  • Source hotels for meetings
  • Prepare kick off meeting for project
  • Prepare monthly project update meetings and schedule on the relevant calendars
  • Ensure agenda times work with hotel contract and BEO’s
  • Create a master faculty invitation letter
  • Source all materials needed for the meeting
  • Prepare deliverables for CME accreditation with rest of team
  • Review and approve all signage/website/marketing materials
  • Organize and book faculty dinner
  • Organize rooming list for Staff/Faculty/VIPs
  • Liaise with travel agent to secure faculty flights
  • Determine timing of Staff flights/accommodation, ensure they book in timely manner
  • Overall responsibility for the smooth running of entire event
  • Arrive at least 2 days prior to start of meeting to ensure smooth set up and initiation of event
  • Organize a meeting with hotel contacts at least one day before meeting starts to go over everything
Requirements of the role
  • Must be able to travel internationally
  • Strong administration skills
  • Confident communicator
Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00